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Discover how savvy marketers are leveraging 3D models for engagement and lead generation.
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The fastest way to model a product… 

Is to download it.  Save engineers, designers and builders valuable time by providing them what they are searching for…3D CAD models of your product + supporting product documentation that can be downloaded directly into their next project.  Introducing 3DX from Endeavor Business Media.

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The 3DX + Endeavor Business Media Advantage

Delivering all the critical ingredients for being able to leverage 3D models for engagement and lead generation – take your model from a lonely asset on your site to part of a larger community where it can be exchanged and integrated into thousands of designs.


3D Model Experts

Rely on our experienced 3D model experts to ensure that your models are getting the attention they deserve.


Trusted Brands

Trusted  media brands sites are highly trafficked and respected by engineers and designers across key sectors.


Design Engineers

Innovative engineering driving the products of tomorrow in aerospace, auto, manufacturing, processing and more.


Tech Stack

Systems, processes and technology that allows your model to be integrated seemlessly into design projects.

Brands Creating 3DX Connections


Intent Based Sales Leads

Every model download becomes a lead.

 Improved SEO

Get found faster and more often.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Engineers find needed models in real time.

Reduced Customer Service Costs

Less time spent fulfilling model requests.

Customer Retention

Build trust and establish your brand as a partner.

24/7 Access to Leads

Log in and view lead reports in real time.


Downloads per Year

Engineers & Makers

Relevant Media Brands

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